Carrion Lord 2015

by Depraved

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Re-recorded vocals/remastered audio.


Subjected to nothingness and exile
I'll rid your filth and greed
No longer will you prey upon my innocence
I'll cut and bleed you dry

Neck strapped down
The more you move the more you choke
And when your blood turns cold
The whites of your eyes render you lifeless
Your body hacked,
No one can be your savior now

God knows my violence.

You will feel this pain
As it smashes through your skull
Seeping cranial matter in a pool on the floor
Your body lies weak, your ribs exposed
I am the carrion lord.

God knows my violence.

Severing the head
From the shoulders
With a rusty razor blade
Your spinal chord snaps
As I cut through bone
And rip through flesh


released February 24, 2015
Guitars, drums recorded by Steven Booth.
Vocals recorded/mixed/mastered by Conor Coleman.
Remastering by Conor Coleman.



all rights reserved


Depraved Wellington, New Zealand

Brutal slamming beatdown filth from Wellington, New Zealand. Follow us on Facebook to keep tabs on what the fuck is up!

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